Dukkah Facts

Dukkah is originally from Egypt but ours is hand made in Ashbury, Oxfordshire. It’s a spice and nut blend with many uses.


Savoury Dukkah

Our customers have found many uses for our Savoury Dukkah including

  Dip bread into Extra Virgin Oil (we love Stainswick Farm Rapeseed Oil) and then into Dukkah as a great snack or nibble with drinks

  Roll a soft boiled egg in Dukkah and serve on a salad

  If you don’t have time to boil an egg, Dukkah is also great sprinkled on eggs any way you have them!

  Sprinkle Dukkah on to houmous, then sprinkle pomegranate seeds and fresh coriander on top and finish with a drizzle of Extra Virgin Oil (try Stainswick Smoked Rapeseed Oil), served with toasted pitta bread

  Pan fry meat, chicken or fish coated in Dukkah to provide a texture and taste sensation

  Rub Dukkah on to lamb, chicken towards the end of roasting to add flavour

  Grill or BBQ Halloumi cheese, squeeze some lemon juice over the cooked cheese and finish with a generous sprinkling of Dukkah 

  Sprinkle Dukkah over a dish of roasted vegetables

  Top thick soup or Dahl with Dukkah for an added texture and flavour hit

Sweet Dukkah

Although we call sweet Dukkah 'sweet', it has no sugar added, it just goes well with sweet things as it contains coconut and cinnamon. Sweet Dukkah has lots of great uses including:

  Sprinkle Dukkah over Ice Cream - any flavour will do but vanilla and chocolate are our customers’ favourites

  Use Dukkah as a topping on your Porridge with or without honey or with Muesli

  Use Dukkah with anything chocolate, delicious as a garnish with a chocolate tart

  Add crunch and flavour to fruit and yoghurt with Dukkah

  Sprinkle over pancakes covered in chocolate spread - yum yum!

Also Available : Seed Dukkah and Devil’s (Chilli) Dukkah

If you find another great way to use Dukkah we’d love to hear from you; find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email us.

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